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Qurbani - Gaza

Qurbani - Gaza

Qurbani - Gaza

Canned or frozen Qurbani in Gaza

Famine is imminent in Gaza, and over 1 million people are facing catastrophic levels of hunger. Families in Gaza are being starved. It is the worst hunger crisis on record and families urgently need more nutritious food.

£190 – provide frozen or canned nutritious meat to families struggling for food in Gaza. Last year, one Qurbani share provided an average of 55 nutritious meat-based meals.

Despite extreme challenges, our local team in Gaza has been working hard to enable our supporters to give their Qurbani in Gaza. Human Appeal has a limited number of fresh Qurbani shares available in Gaza, but we are also running a frozen or canned Qurbani option too. This is fully in accordance with Islamic Qurbani guidelines and allows us to perform more Qurbanis and provide more urgently needed nutritious meat in Gaza, without being restricted by the low number of healthy animals in Gaza.

Donate £190 and we’ll perform your Qurbani as usual during the days of Eid outside of Gaza, and transport it into Gaza through our trucks as soon as possible.

Human Appeal has been delivering your Qurbani in Gaza for 32 years. Through siege, occupation, wars and escalations, we’re continuing to deliver your Qurbani. Our local staff have continued working every single day since October 7, providing food, medical aid, mobile clinics, blankets, and clothes. Since Ramadan, we’ve delivered over half a million hot meals to families facing catastrophic levels of hunger.

Reviving a Sunnah of the beloved Messenger (ﷺ)

£380 – continue the Sunnah of giving two Qurbani sacrifices in Gaza and spread the reward and blessings. Give one Qurbani as your own charity, and one on behalf of the ummah who can’t afford to give – just as the Messenger (ﷺ) used to do. Help us to revive this beautiful Sunnah and give your Qurbani on behalf of the ummah in Gaza who can’t afford to give.

The Messenger of Allah said, “Whoever revives a Sunnah of mine that dies out after I am gone, he will have a reward equivalent to that of those among the people who act upon it, without that detracting from their reward in the slightest…” (Ibn Majah)

Don’t miss out on the blessed rewards of Dhul Hijjah, the most blessed 10 days of the whole year. The Messenger of Allah likened each night of these 10 days to Laylatul Qadr, since they are filled with Allah’s mercy, blessings and forgiveness.

Why give to Human Appeal?

We ensure that the people you support receive value-for-money, quality meat is used – all sacrificed according to the Prophet’s tradition. With 32 years of experience, our local teams have decades of expertise and community knowledge, working with local farmers to support businesses in each country we work in. All animals are inspected ahead of slaughter to ensure they’re healthy and well cared for. Your Qurbani is an Amanah to us, and we ensure your sacrifices are done on time between the first and fourth days of Eid al Adha, as is required for the Udhiya sacrifice. Last year, each Qurbani share provided an average of 55 nutritious meat-based meals each.

Since we buy our Qurbani animals in advance to have them ready for slaughter on Eid day, we recommend donating early so that your donation is secured, and performed once Eid prayer is complete.

Last Qurbani, you helped us to reach over half a million people with fresh nutritious meat, including 37,512 in Gaza.

Be a mercy to families unable to cope with displacement, conflict, and devastating loss and injury. Give your Qurbani in Gaza and seek Allah’s blessings in the best 10 days of the year.

Every year our team in the field endeavours to ensure your Qurbani is delivered to the country of your choice. However, in case it is not possible in the country of your choice due to factors beyond our control, we will ensure it is delivered to those who need it most in the next nearest country possible.



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