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A devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck the Aegean sea near Izmir, Turkey on Friday 30 October, killing at least 116 people, and injuring over 900.

£100 - Emergency aid - help us to provide urgent food and water to survivors of the earthquake.

So powerful was the tremor that it triggered a tsunami. Buildings have collapsed, and hundreds are still unaccounted for. It’s feared that they’re trapped among the rubble of their homes.

100 people have been rescued alive from the rubble and need support.

Ubeyd Sakin, Human Appeal’s Head of Mission in Turkey said, “It is tragic to see such destruction brought upon Turkey once again by an earthquake of this magnitude. Human Appeal is doing everything possible with our partners to get emergency assistance to the people who need it most.

“People’s homes and lives have been destroyed in an instant, it is the worst position for any human to be in, and we’ll approach this awful situation with every ounce of compassion as we give people the help they need.” Human Appeal’s work

We immediately dispatched out local Human Appeal team to Izmir. Over the first weekend following the quake, they delivered 10,000 hot meals to survivors, helping them to stay nourished and fed in the immediate aftermath.

We’re continuing to work with the Turkish Red Crescent to provide food and water to survivors of the earthquake.

Please donate, and help our local team in Turkey to provide urgent relief to survivors of this shocking tragedy.

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