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Jerusalem Children's Welfare Centre

Jerusalem Children's Welfare Centre

Jerusalem Children's Welfare Centre

''And those within whose wealth is a known right for the petitioner and the deprived'' (Quran 70:24-25)

£100 - Change the future of a vulnerable Palestinian child with schooling, clean toilets, a playground, and welfare support.

Eight out of every 10 children in East Jerusalem are living below the poverty line, and many are unable to access adequate schooling or welfare services. Be a mercy - help us to provide a child with their right to education, space to play, and welfare support.

With your support, we’ll be helping marginalised children in East Jerusalem to change their futures through our welfare centre in Beit Hanina.

Denied a childhood

A staggering 83% of children in East Jerusalem live below the poverty line. There aren’t enough welfare services for all the children who need them, and schools are extremely overcrowded. Many school buildings are unsuitable and lack proper facilities to help children to have a rounded education, such as play areas and libraries. Too often, children simply drop out of school in order to work to support their families.

Changing futures

With your help, we’ll be completing the construction of our welfare centre in Beit Hanina, East Jerusalem. We’ve been working on its construction since 2018, but it still needs a fourth floor, an exterior, and a schoolyard. Once complete, the centre will have 21 classrooms, will employ 16 teachers, a director, and administrative staff.

How will you change lives?

In partnership with Al-Quds Zakat Committee, our welfare centre will provide approximately 300 girls and 150 boys – including around 100 orphaned children – with fitness sessions, study support, and classes in reading, Arabic, English, Maths, and Quran. The centre will also host a courtyard, a playground, a mosque and 18 bathrooms.

The welfare centre will combat the marginalisation of all children, with a focus on girls and orphans, by allowing them to access their right to education in a safe environment.

Our work in Palestine

We’ve been changing lives in Palestine for 30 years. Our recent work includes disinfecting the entire water network of Gaza, building a desalination plant for 15,000 people at Al Aqsa University, and helping to fight the critical medical crisis by providing tens of thousands of medical supplies.

Last year, we helped 2,047,971 people in Palestine through food security, medical, water and sanitation projects.

Be a mercy to a child in Jerusalem.

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