Live Appeal: In Her Honour

Syria lady with her baby

Tune in to Islam Channel (Sky 737 or Virgin 838) now. For one night only, Human Appeal will match every donation to our In Her Honour appeal. Give now for twice the impact.

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Double your impact with our In Her Honour live appeal. For one night only, Human Appeal will match every single donation. Tune in now to Islam Channel on Sky 737 or Virgin 838 and support vulnerable women and children through Al Imaan Hospital in Syria, and the Sakina women’s centre in Iraq.

£150 – Save 5 women or babies.

£300 - Save 10 women or babies.

£600 - Ultimate 20 - save 20 women or babies.

£5,000 – Five-day hero - Keep Al Imaan Hospital or the Sakina Centre open and saving lives for 5 days.

Or dedicate any donation in your mother’s honour to get put on our Mother Board.

It’s a live appeal like no other. Tonight, our In Her Honour appeal is focusing on saving and empowering vulnerable women, through healthcare, legal support, psychosocial care and livelihood training. Al Imaan Hospital provides essential care to Syrian mothers and newborn babies, as well as displaced families in Idlib. Our Sakina Centre helps Iraqi women who have overcome violence and abuse to rebuild their lives and care for their children through livelihood training.

Both Al Imaan Hospital and the Sakina Centre have critically low funds. Without your donations, these essential facilities will be forced to close.

You’ve helped us to support over 9 million people in Syria since our work began in 2013.

In the last two years, Al Imaan has treated over 81,800 women and children. In August 2019 it was bombed and forced to close, and in just three months we reopened in Idlib.

Since opening two years ago, the Sakina Centre has helped over 8,700 people through social, livelihood, legal and psychosocial activities.

Twice the impact!! With the support of our partners in France and Australia, we’ll be matching whatever you donate, doubling your donations and impact.

Give, and continue the prophetic legacy.

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The Messenger (PBUH) said: “In Jahiliyya we used to have no regard for women whatsoever. But when Islam came and Allah made mention of them, this caused us to realize that they have rights upon us…” (Bukhari)

Throughout his life, the Prophet (PBUH) emphasised the high status of women, and the need to assure their rights. Now is the time to honour that legacy, and empower the most vulnerable women.

Help us to save lives, to honour the prophetic example, and to empower vulnerable women. Now is the time to give.

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