TV Live Appeal: Be a child's mercy

Pakistani orphan boy

Join us live on ARY News / New Vision TV (Sky 736 or Virgin 819) now and be a mercy to the children of the Ummah.

Sponsor a child

Be a mercy to the children of the Ummah this Ramadan

We’re live on ARY News / New Vision TV (Sky 736 or Virgin 819) from 9pm until 1am.

£35/month or £420/year – Support an orphan with food, healthcare, shelter, and school supplies helping them to stay in school and build a brighter future.

£240/£20/month – Provide a child living on the streets of Dhaka with nutritious food, healthcare, education, and a safe place to go for a year, helping them to get off the streets.

£60/month or £720/ year - Change the life of a street child in Pakistan by providing food, a safe space, healthcare, counselling, and skill development, giving them a way out of abuse and exploitation.

£120/month or £1,440/year – Support two street children for a whole year with food, healthcare, counselling and education.

£125 – Support a widow with a sewing machine and skills to start a tailoring business – it’s a Sadaqah Jariyah!

Join us for our live appeal on this 23rd night of the blessed last 10 days of Ramadan.

We’re live on ARY News (Sky 736 or Virgin 819) from 9pm until 1am.

Join our presenter, Iqrar Ul Hassan, as he tells you all about our orphan sponsorship project, which transforms the future of little ones who have lost one or both of their parents. Caring for an orphan was beloved to the Messenger (PBUH), and for £35/ month or £420/ year you can help cover the costs of food, shelter, healthcare, clothes, and school supplies for a vulnerable orphan.

You can also support vulnerable street children in Pakistan and Bangladesh with a safe space, food, clothing, healthcare, and education.

Both of our projects are completely Zakat eligible!

Why give through Human Appeal?

We’ve been helping supporters to sponsor orphans for 30 years. Currently, our supporters are sponsoring over 18,495 orphans across nine countries. It’s Zakat-applicable, allowing you to fulfil this beautiful Islamic duty, while reaping the blessings of Ramadan.

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Do not worship except Allah; and to parents do good and to relatives, orphans, and the needy. And speak to people good [words] and establish prayer and give zakat

Quran 2:83

Your mercy can save a vulnerable child this Ramadan.

Sponsor a child