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Ramadan 2024 - Second Ashra

With Allah’s mercy, we successfully completed the second Ashra (10 days) of Ramadan.

In each Ashra, we bring you a new edition of Every Human, telling you all the latest on our distributions, long-term projects, and the incredible work from our staff in the field. We’re very excited to share the second edition of Every Human Ramadan 2024. In this issue, we share the latest information from our Feed the Fasting work, preparations for Zakat al-Fitr, interviews with the people you’ve helped, as well as our staff who helped them.

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Ramadan 2024 - First Ashra

Every Human Ramadan is the special edition of our quarterly magazine, created especially for you.

In each of the Asharas (10 days) of Ramadan we bring you closer to the projects you support by passing the mic to the people that you help and to the staff around the world who deliver your Ramadan charity.

Come, take a look at how your support has transformed communities in the Holy Month. We hope you enjoy getting to know some of the people who make us Human Appeal.

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