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Dhul Hijjah Appeal

Sponsor an orphan - earn your place in Jannah

Give the gift of hope to an orphan living in unimaginable hardship without their parents. Honour the Prophet’s (PBUH) Sunnah of mercy to children in one of the most beautiful acts of charity.

Help us sponsor 1,000 orphans in the best 10 days

Your mercy can give an orphan comfort, food, clothes, and medicine

“I and the one who looks after an orphan and provides for him, will be in Paradise like these two” – and he gestured with his forefinger and middle finger, holding them close together. (Bukhari)

A child should never have to know what it’s like to go without food, water, or a home to keep them warm. They should never be left to fend for themselves or have to work to survive each day. It’s our job to protect the children of the ummah, a legacy set out by the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him. In these blessed first 10 days of Dhul Hijjah, be a mercy to an orphan.

£35/month – help the mother or carer of an orphan to provide food, shelter, clothes, healthcare and school supplies. That’s just £1.15 a day.

With so many tragedies unfolding right now, thousands of children are orphaned every single day. An estimated 25,000 children were orphaned in Gaza in just the first two months of the escalation. Especially in times of conflict, orphans are often first to suffer hunger, disease and exploitation.

Why sponsor an orphan?

When you sponsor an orphan, you help them to break a cycle of poverty, hardship, and hunger. You give them the chance in life that all children deserve – to live without worrying about having enough food, somewhere to live, or paying for school and books. As a condition of sponsorship, the child you sponsor has to stay in school so they can learn skills for their future.

For 32 years, Human Appeal has been caring for orphans, helping you to support their wellbeing and future. Right now, our sponsors are helping 23,000 orphans in 14 countries, and we have over 6,000 orphans registered who are waiting for a sponsor.

What will you provide?

£35 per month helps to cover the cost of: - food - shelter - clothes, - healthcare, and - school supplies.

Stay connected

When you become a sponsor, you’ll receive a welcome pack, and two reports a year telling you how the child you support is doing. You’ll learn about their health, school, hobbies, and home, and they’ll even send you a letter or drawing.

Become a sponsor this Dhul Hijjah, and give a child a safer today, and a brighter tomorrow.

This project is Zakat-applicable.

Trusted and caring sponsorship

In our 32 years of orphan sponsorship, we’ve seen how a little life can be transformed. Some of the children sponsored have even gone on to work here with us at Human Appeal. In those decades, we’ve fine-tuned a programme that always protects and puts children first.

Our sponsorship ensures children stay in school, and aren’t forced to work. We provide training to their mothers or carers to protect them from common dangers. Our strict checks, policies, staff vetting and training protect all children we work with from harm. We have child protection coordinators in every country. In short, nothing is more important to us than protecting and caring for children.

Your mercy can change the life of a child, and change their future too.

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Miracle Amid Ruins: Little Loren Awaits Your Mercy

Continue the Sunnah of the Messenger. Become a sponsor today.

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