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Qurbani - India
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Qurbani in India

India is home to almost a quarter of the world’s undernourished people, with over 93 million people living below the poverty line.

Those who spend their wealth [in Allah 's way] by night and by day, secretly and publicly - they will have their reward with their Lord. And no fear will there be concerning them, nor will they grieve. (Quran 2:274)

Follow the example of the prophets, and support those who struggle to feed their families this Eid.

Donate your Qurbani through Human Appeal in India and make a vital difference to those struggling to feed themselves.

Last year, your donations provided meat to over 50,000 people in India, allowing them to share the joy of Eid al-Adha.

Just £26 will cover the cost of your Qurbani, providing fresh meat to four vulnerable families in India.

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