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Qurbani - Fund
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Around 842 million people suffer from hunger in the world and nearly 3 million young children die every year due to malnutrition. This devastating situation is sadly ongoing, however you can help make a difference. By contributing towards our Qurbani Fund, you can help provide fresh meat to several different locations wherein the less fortunate are struggling living below the poverty line.

This year, Human Appeal will be distributing Qurbani to 13 countries, including those living in conflict zones, refugees and displaced people, families facing food shortages and those affected by poverty and disasters.

The spiritual act of sacrificing comes with immense virtues such that our Prophet (saw) said to “sacrifice with an open and happy heart” [Tirmidhi]. Through your contributions, of any amount, you can gain extra rewards in this blessed time, you can bring hope to those struggling to feed themselves.

Follow the Sunnah, Gain Rewards, Contribute towards giving Qurbani today.