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Embrace the blessings of Muharram: A sacred month of Allah

On the night of 18 July, we entered the blessed month of Muharram, and the Hijri New Year 1445. One of the holiest months of the year, Muharram is second only to Ramadan. In this blessed month, give a Sadaqah Jariyah, and reap the blessings year after year, even after you are gone.

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Nurture lives, secure blessings

Muharram, the second holiest month after Ramadan, calls you to create an impact:

£50 – Mercy amidst adversity: Extend a compassionate hand to a mother and her newborn at Al Imaan Hospital in Syria.

£35/month – Guardian of hope - Sponsor an orphan, covering the cost of their food, healthcare, shelter, clothes, and school supplies.

£15 – Sustain a Palestinian family with clean water in Gaza: Support our water desalination plant and provide a lifetime of clean, sustainable water to 60,000 people every single day.

£25 – Cultivate livelihoods: Plant an olive tree for a farming family in Syria or Palestine, nurturing a sustainable future.

£1,000 – Create a life–changing deep water well in a drought–affected village, providing vital support to 105 people in Pakistan.

Invest in your akhirah in the Hijri New Year

The words of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) echo: “The best fasting after Ramadan is the Sacred Month of Allah (al-Muharram), and the best prayer after the obligatory ones is the night prayer (Tahajjud).” (Hadith Muslim)

Muharram is the month when Allah split open the ocean, and in which Muslims migrated with Muhammad (PBUH) from Makkah to Medina, an event so historic that it launched the Islamic calendar.

Create a Legacy of generosity

This holy month of blessing is a beautiful time to reaffirm your intentions through remembrance, fasting, and charity. Give a Sadaqah Jariyah and reap the blessings year after year, and you can even donate your Zakat to these charities.

Or donate to our Zakat Fund – when you check the Gift Aid box at the checkout, 100% of your donation will go to the people who most need help.

Choose Human Appeal with confidence

In the past year, we’ve supported 3,843,270 lives across 20 countries, spanning healthcare, nutrition, winter support, vaccinations, and COVID-19 relief.

Our initiatives are led by local teams, our hospital attended to by native doctors and nurses. When you entrust your charity to us, it’s supported by over 30 years’ experience, and specialists in protection, child safety, and emergency response.

Amplify blessings

Renew your intentions to focus on seeking Allah’s pleasure and mercy. Give an ongoing charity in this sacred month, and reap the blessings year after year.

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The words of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) echo: “The best fasting after Ramadan is the Sacred Month of Allah (al-Muharram), and the best prayer after the obligatory ones is the night prayer (Tahajjud).”

Hadith Muslim

Renew your intentions towards pleasing Allah and seeking His mercy, harvesting blessings that endure year after year.

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Human Appeal is committed to providing aid in the country or programme that you select. In the event we complete the programme, exceed the required funds, or are denied access to a particular country for reasons beyond our control, Human Appeal reserves the right to reallocate your donation to another programme where it is needed most.



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