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Mohammad Al Hassan

Join us live on Islam Channel from 8.15pm - 6.00am (Sky 737 or Virgin 838) for our Save Mankind TV Live Appeal.

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Save Mankind. Leave a legacy.

“If anyone saved a life it would be as if he saved the life of the whole humanity.” Quran 5:32

Don’t miss our ‘Save Mankind' Appeal on Islam Channel from 8.15pm - 6.00am, on the blessed 23rd Night of Ramadan and seek the blessings of Laylatul Qadr.

£300 - Treatment fund

£500 - Child skin treatment

£1,000 - Cancer treatment fund

£6,500 – Doaa’s open heart surgery

£40,000 - Haitham’s cancer treatment

Our presenters, Rahim Jung and Zaheer Khan will be live all night on Islam Channel (Sky 737 or Virgin 838). Tune in now to seek the blessings of the 23rd night of Ramadan by providing emergency treatment to Haitham in Yemen, who is losing his childhood to cancer; Doa'a in Yemen, who has Down syndrome and a rare heart condition, Alaa a father in Gaza who will lose a kidney without our mercy; 2-year-old Rayan who will lose his eyesight without surgery, and many more who will lose their lives without our help.

This is your chance to leave a legacy – please give mercy now.

All of our projects are completely Zakat eligible!

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Be a mercy to those unable to afford the lifesaving surgery they need to survive

Why give through Human Appeal?

The power of your mercy

Last year alone, thanks to generous supporters like you, we helped 4,443,378 people in 19 countries, including over 2 million Palestinians, over 963,840 Yemenis and over 22,900 people here in the UK. Today, faced with the ongoing devastation of conflicts in Yemen, Syria, Palestine and Somalia, a worsening crisis in Afghanistan, a war in Ukraine, and amidst the catastrophic effects of coronavirus, extreme poverty, climate change, and the rising cost of living in the UK, we remain steadfast in our mission to make a difference. Our Human Appeal family, including all our staff, volunteers, partners, suppliers, and supporters like you are custodians of the legacy of our founders.

We’ve been running Ramadan projects for 30 years. That means that we have an incredible amount of expertise, experience, and dedication under our belt. We’ve streamlined our projects – our local staff are skilled and knowledgeable, and they’re supported by three decades of experience. Together, we’ve designed impactful projects that truly transform lives.

We know that your donations are hard-earned and a sign of trust and faith in us. We’re honoured to accept this sign of Amanah from you, and we’re working day and night to help the most vulnerable people, and to build a more caring world.

If anyone saved a life it would be as if he saved the life of the whole humanity.

Quran 5:32

Please be a mercy, save lives, and leave a legacy.

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