Winter could end Suzanne’s tragic life

Suzanne and her children in Lebanon

This winter, support Syrian refugees – like 30-year-old Suzanne – to feed their families and stay warm as freezing temperatures hit. Winter kills.

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We will be out on the streets by winter

“Whoever brings ease to one in difficulty, Allah will make it easy for him in this life and the Hereafter. Whoever covers a Muslim, Allah will cover him in this life and the Hereafter.” (Sahih Muslim)

Lebanon is experiencing the worst economic crisis in its history. The skyrocketing food prices hit the most vulnerable the hardest. And now, winter is here, bringing with it heavy rains and snow, which swept Lebanon in January, plunging refugee families into even greater hardship.

£70 Winter Family Emergency Kit will provide a nutritious food parcel and fuel for heating, helping a vulnerable Syrian family like Suzanne’s to stay warm and nourished through the bitterest weather.

Growing up before his time

Suzanne is a Syrian widow who lives in the mountainous region of Beqaa, with around 340,000 other Syrian refugees.

“I used to live in Syria with my husband and kids. We had our own home. My kids would regularly attend school. Our lives were normal. We lived in safety, but then the war broke out.

“There was bombing, and we didn’t know who was attacking us. The noises would frighten the children. We hid under the stairs or any place we could find.

“Leaving our village was hard. We would walk along a road full of landmines. We never knew when something might blow up. We would move at night from tree to tree and found safety here at the Syrian Refugee Camp at Beqaa Valley, Lebanon. “My son, Ali, has had to become responsible. He’s caring and protective towards his siblings. He sells water on Marj Road. He often gets into fights there with other kids who are also selling. What they earn isn’t enough. It’s barely enough for bread each day – just bread and nothing else.

Electrocuted by a water pump

“I go out to work. I clean and wash rugs to pay rent on the tent. If two days pass and I haven’t paid, we must leave. When I had a broken water pump, I tried to fix it myself and was electrocuted. I wanted to let go but I couldn’t. People gathered to get the wires off me.

“We bought a new water pump, but that’s broken too, so we’re living without water. Every year I say to myself, “maybe this year will be better,” but then I find that it gets harder - harder than the year before.

“Circumstances are getting worse for me, especially now I’m alone with a big family. They all have needs, but what can I do? Me and my family will be out on the street this winter.”

A deadly combination

Families like Suzanne’s were already struggling to survive amid surging food prices. With over a quarter of a million cases of COVID-19 in Lebanon – including thousands of cases among Syrian refugees – it has never been harder to make a living. And now, winter is here, threatening to bring with it snowy storms, icy weather, and sub-zero temperatures.

73 per cent of Syrian families in Lebanon live on less than £3 per day, and 55 per cent live in extreme poverty, making it incredibly difficult for them to protect themselves against the brutality of winter.

Winter kills. Donate today.

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We will be out on the streets by winter

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Thank you for supporting Syrian refugees

With your help, we’ve distributed winter family emergency kits to 1,000 Syrian families living the mountainous, cold border regions in Lebanon.

Human Appeal has been providing winter emergency aid for 30 years. Last winter in Lebanon, we provided a total of 3,487 food parcels, 1,304 blankets and 26,080 litres of cooking oil, helping them to stay nourished and warm through the winter months.

In all, you helped us to support 18,692 Syrian refugees in Lebanon last winter.

But this year, they’re facing unprecedented hardship, with the arrival of COVID-19, continuing displacement, hunger, and restrictions on earning a living. Please donate, and help us to provide emergency winter support to Syrian refugees in Lebanon

As the year goes from bad to worse for widows like Suzanne, Syrian families in Lebanon need our help this winter more than ever. Winter kills.

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