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It’s not an admin fee. It’s our organising, developing, safeguarding, evaluating, accounting, transforming fee. Come, meet the faces of Human Appeal, and find out why we’re so proud of our admin fee.

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Only 11p of every £1 goes on admin

We’re proud of our admin fee. In fact, we like to think of it as less of an admin fee, and more of a stamp on the envelope of your donation. Our admin fee is not about taking part of your donation for ourselves; it’s about ensuring that expert hands safely deliver your donation to where you intended.

When you donate £1 and check the Gift Aid box, only 11p goes into keeping Human Appeal running.

Another 11p goes back into raising funds – that allows us to be ready to raise awareness at a moment’s notice when tragedy strikes.

Finally, and most importantly, 78p out of every £1 you donate, goes straight to helping the vulnerable people who need it most.

Without an admin fee, corners are cut and it’s those who are most in need of help who pay the price.

Our admin fee keeps us accountable, safe, and ethical, and it allows us to find the most vulnerable people in an emergency, delivering life-saving aid to them quickly and efficiently.

Do remember to check the Gift Aid box if you’re a UK taxpayer – that’s what helps us to keep our admin fee as low as professionally possible, keeping more of your donation for the people who most need help.

We’re proud of the wonderful work that our admin fee does, and we hope you are too. Explore some of the ways it changes lives below, and donate to support the life-changing impact that our admin fee has.

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These figures are taken from Human Appeal’s Financial Statements for the year ending 31 December 2019, which have yet to be audited.

Admin costs shown reflect net expenditure after taking Gift Aid into account.

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The new Human Appeal

The last three years have brought huge change to Human Appeal. We’ve hired new staff at all levels, installed safeguarding protocols and training for staff, externally audited all our work and funding, and upgraded our accounting and customer relation systems.

We continue to work with international bodies, such as the United Nations’ Refugee Agency, and we’ve renewed our commitment to all relevant data, privacy, and communication laws.

We’re promoting strong ethical, environmental and humanitarian values and we strive for efficiency. Find out more about the new Human Appeal.

Did you know that our admin fee is a Sadaqah Jariyah?

Sadaqah Jariyah – or ongoing charity – is a voluntary donation that benefits the community for years to come. Our admin fee qualifies as Sadaqah Jariyah because it helps to sustain our charitable work, guaranteeing that we can continue to help vulnerable people in the future.

“An admin fee that is a proven necessity for processing charity is included under the general proceed of Sadaqah Jariyah, because without it the charity wouldn’t be a sustainable model. Allah clearly says that Sadaqah is for people who are poor, in need, and those working to distribute it.”

Shaykh Hammadur Rahman Fahim – a graduate of Al-Azhar University and teacher at the European Institute of Islamic Sciences

Three years of achievements

We’re committed to being transparent to our supporters, and accountable to our promises.

That’s why we’re launching our summarised Strategic Achievements report 2019-2021.

In it you’ll find details of our achievements for each year, which we’ve broken down into ten key areas, which are:

  1. Raising, securing, and growing a sustainable income
  2. Supporter acquisition and retention
  3. Brand boosting
  4. An innovative volunteer programme
  5. Improving the quality and efficiency of our work
  6. Staff development and satisfaction
  7. Risk identification and mitigation
  8. Value for money
  9. Developing a coherent interface with supporters an demonstrating beneficiary impact
  10. Nurturing creativity and innovation

Download our report now and examine the achievements you helped us to accomplish.

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Our admin fee helps us to train staff, communicate and stay transparent

Fatima Abshir is Human Appeal Somalia’s communications officer. Our admin fee helps her to report on the situation that vulnerable Somalis face, and to share the impact of your donations, ensuring that we remain transparent and.

It also helps us to provide dedicated security plans, training, and, when necessary, security staff and emergency evacuation protocols so that we can protect Fatima when she’s working in the most dangerous situations.

Here's what Fatima had to say:

Fatima Abshir

Meet Fatima. She saves lives in Somalia, risking her own life every day.

I work in the sixth most dangerous country in the world, and even though I face danger every single day, I’m very passionate about my job because it allows me to help my community, save lives and preserve dignity.

I often go to the displacement camps that Human Appeal works in. I’m here to help people to tell their stories and raise awareness about the struggles they’re experiencing. But it’s also work that makes a concrete difference in their lives. With the help of these stories, we’ve managed to help over 200,000 people, through sponsorship, improved sanitation facilities, healthcare, and food security.

In the last two years, I’ve helped to register 1,250 orphaned children across Mogadishu. It was challenging as we had to go to every home and assess their individual situation in a short space of time. However, it was worth it when I saw one orphan after another getting sponsored and seeing their lives change for the better. I’m glad I was able to help make this happen.

It’s also my job to train and support colleagues and volunteers, ensuring efficient and transparent communication, while protecting the dignity, privacy and safety of those we help.

A lot of my work involves field visits. But working in Mogadishu, my job can be very risky, and I never know when I might face danger. Often people working to deliver aid to vulnerable people are targeted, so I’m very afraid and wary of the kidnapping threat.

Without our admin fee, we’d be unable to hire Fatima to report how your donations have changed lives, to keep an accountable, rigorous record of how many people we’ve supported, or to help keep Fatima safe while she visits the most dangerous areas.

How does our admin fee save lives?

From the moment we receive your donation, our admin fee kicks into action by helping to save lives. It helps our staff to submit expert proposals, and allows us to implement life-saving projects funded by organisations like the UNHCR. It’s what protects our staff from harm and allows our work to change lives whilst being transparent, accountable to you, and in line with legal, institutional and Islamic regulations.

In short, our admin fee is what makes us a world-class charity that can continue to change lives for the better.

Changing lives with our admin fee

People helped

People helped

12,023,486 people helped over the last four years

Across all our projects in every country

Orphan sponsorship

Orphan sponsorship

11,959 orphans sponsored in nine countries

Supporting food, shelter, healthcare, and learning materials.

Food security

Food security

4,165,615 helped through food security projects in Yemen, Palestine, Syria, Myanmar and Bangladesh since 2016

Fighting food insecurity and supporting nutrition.



206,067 people helped through healthcare and medical aid in Bangladesh, Syria and Yemen since 2017

Saving lives by delivering medicines, establishing clinics, and providing healthcare.

Sustainable development

Sustainable development

111,600 helped with sustainable livelihood projects in Somalia, Senegal, Bangladesh and Pakistan since 2017

Giving people the tools, skills, and support to lift themselves out of poverty.

Clean water

Clean water

182,460 people helped through clean water projects in Palestine, Bangladesh, Somalia, Iraq, Myanmar and Bangladesh since 2017

Providing sustainable sources of clean water to suit each environment.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know our admin fee, and that you’re proud of the punch that it packs. Please support our work. Donate to our admin fee and reap the blessings of this Sadaqah Jariyah for many years to come.

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