Coronavirus Emergency Appeal

Ambulance staff with COVI patient

As we enter another lockdown, Human Appeal is working to provide food parcels to vulnerable, food insecure families in the UK.

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Coronavirus Emergency Appeal

“Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity.” (Al-Tirmidhi)

We’re relaunching our Coronavirus Emergency Appeal to help the most vulnerable families in the UK to stay fed in light of the sudden and unforeseen new lockdown, which will have a deep impact on low income families. During the first lockdown, around 7 million people went hungry in the UK because of a lack of money.

£15 – emergency food parcel for vulnerable people in the UK Each parcel includes long-life and easy-to prepare, essential foods, such as baked beans, soup, pasta, tea, pitta bread, tuna, biscuits, juice, sugar, oil, noodles and canned foods.

We continue to support those fleeing domestic violence, helping them with the essentials they need to start a new life in a safe home. 67% of women in abusive relationships said that the violence worsened during the first lockdown, and also made it harder for them to escape the abuse.

£100 – support survivors of domestic violence Provide people fleeing domestic violence with a starter kit, containing a duvet, pillows, sheets, crockery, cutlery, kettle, and hygiene items.

We’re also continuing our ongoing work to support those struggling and at-risk of COVID-19 around the world, providing coronavirus hygiene protection kits, food parcels, and clean water.

£70 - family hygiene kit Each hygiene kit contains alcohol-based hand sanitizer, soap, surgical face masks, gloves, wet wipes, disinfectant, detergent, toilet paper, and sponges. It will also include an easy-to-understand guide to reducing the risk of catching and spreading the virus.

Hygiene kits and food parcels

We’re continuing to protect vulnerable people from the virus in the UK and across the world. In Bangladesh, Pakistan, Palestine, and Syria, we’ve supported over 7,801 people, providing them with nutritious food parcels, and COVID-19 protection kits.

In Gaza, we’ve been disinfecting the entire water network since October, and repairing 11 wells, providing clean water to the entire 2.2 residents of Gaza.

Families relying on foodbanks

As many as 3.7 million adults used foodbanks during the first lockdown. That’s why, this month, we’re providing critical food items to food banks in Leicester, and delivering food parcels to associations supporting low-income families, and domestic abuse survivors in Birmingham.

In the first few weeks of lockdown, with your help, we want to provide 2,000 families in Manchester an Birmingham with food parcels, helping them to have a secure source of food during the critical weeks of lockdown.

Supporting people fleeing abuse

During the first lockdown, there was a 700% increase in calls to the UK’s largest domestic charity helpline. Most people who leave abusive relationships have to escape quickly, taking with them little to no belongings.

This lockdown, we want to support at least 50 survivors of domestic violence. Help us to provide them with a starter pack, which will give them immediate, vital support when leaving abusive relationships.

Protection measures

All Human Appeal staff who will be in contact with the people we support will wear protective masks and have their health monitored at virus screening stations to ensure that they don’t put the most vulnerable at risk. Human Appeal is experienced in responding to outbreaks. We’ve helped to protect and treat people for dengue fever, malaria, diphtheria, leprosy, cholera and other waterborne diseases.

Give and help us continue to fight COVID-19 in the UK and across the world.

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How we've helped so far ...

In the UK

50 survivors of domestic violence per month are receiving starter packs.

100 vulnerable families receiving food parcels every month.

4,058 hot meals to hospitals

775 meals to homeless people

291 emergency foods parcels to the elderly

52 meals to community support organisations

90 packets of wipes and masks.

20 food parcels to vulnerable families.

Around the world

• Water cleaned and disinfected at 288 wells, 55 wells and desalination plants in Gaza, in partnership with OCHA.

120,000 daily users benefited from hand sanitizer installed at 30 Metrobus stations in Punjab.

3,000 day labourers in Pakistan received food.

1,000 people received COVID-19 hygiene kits in Pakistan.

70 litres of hand sanitizer and 33 dispensers installed at 12 isolation centres in Pakistan.

4,000 people in Bangladesh received nutritious food parcels.

1,841 people in Jerusalem received nourishing food parcels.

Human Appeal’s UK response to COVID-19; supporting older, vulnerable, and homeless people

Your donations helped us to deliver food parcels, distribute clothes and support survivors of domestic violence. Download our UK COVID-19 impact report to find out how we’re supporting the most vulnerable people through this difficult time.

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Help us to fight the spread of this deadly infection. The time to act is now

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