Idris Family Medical Fund

Idris Family Medical Fund

Idris's Family Medical Fund

Your mercy can save Idris’s family

Idris is 35 years old and lives in Sanaa in Yemen. He has four daughters and three sons with ages ranging from 14 years old to 5 months old. Although Idris works, he is barely able to afford bread or the rent on the family’s two-room property, which floods each winter.

The family are without electricity or a water supply. They must fetch water up to six times a day using a cart and are forced to survive by eating just bread and rice alone. Not surprisingly, his children are malnourished and in poor health. One of his daughters has kidney problems and vasculitis (inflammation of the blood vessels) and his baby boy has gland problems, an enlarged liver and genital problems requiring surgery.

Suffering from memory problems after being hit in the skull by shrapnel during the Yemen war, Idris is barely holding on. He cannot afford medical care for himself or his children, and his 5 month old son needs an urgent scan and emergency surgery to survive. Please be a mercy this Ramadan and help provide life-saving surgery today.

Without your mercy, Idris has no way of accessing the urgent healthcare that he and his family desperately need to survive. This Ramadan, please show your mercy and provide Idris’ family with lifesaving surgery and healthcare today.