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Winter Orphan Kit

Winter Orphan Kit

Winter clothes for orphans around the world

"Whoever covers a Muslim, Allah will cover him in this life and the Hereafter. Allah is in aid of the servant so long as the servant is in aid of his brother.” (Sahih Muslim)

£35 – can provide a child with a warm winter coat, socks, and pyjamas.

£70 – can provide an orphan with a warm winter coat, socks, pyjamas, winter boots, and a wool, hat, scarf and gloves.

£100 – can provide an orphan with a warm winter coat, socks, pyjamas, winter boots, a wool, hat, scarf and gloves, as well as a jumper and a thick, heavy winter blanket.

Families face tragedy, and now winter

Across the world, families of the ummah have endured earthquakes, floods, bombings. They’ve been displaced from their homes, often with only what they can carry and, now, the bitter temperatures of winter is an unbearable added hardship.

For an orphaned child, winter is cold, lonely, and sometimes one extra tragedy they won’t survive without help. Be there for an orphan in this time of urgent need this winter, providing them with winter clothes, warmth and comfort.

Winter kills.

Clothe an orphan this winter

Donate to our Orphan winter fund and help us to protect the most vulnerable across six countries from snow, rain, flooding, freezing temperatures and bitter winds. With your help this winter, we want to provide sponsored orphans with warm winter clothes in Afghanistan, Lebanon, Morocco, Pakistan, Syria, and Yemen.

In all, we want to support 7,000 orphaned children across the world, helping to protect them from winter and its diseases.

Don’t let winter be another tragedy for them to face. Let’s leave no-one behind this winter.

Why give to Human Appeal

With your help, we helped 314,701 people across 10 countries over the last two winters.

Thank you for caring for orphans of the ummah this winter.