Somalia Winter Emergency Fund

Somalia Winter Emergency Fund

Somalia Winter Emergency Fund
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Don't forget them this winter

“None of you truly believes until he wishes for his brother what he wishes for himself.” (Bukhari)

£100 Winter Family Emergency Kit will provide a vulnerable Somali family with mosquito nets, sleeping mats and winter emergency blankets to help them survive winter.

The final hardship

Millions of people in Somalia have been forced to flee their homes due to drought, conflict, and floods, and have left behind their livelihoods just to survive.

Winter brings with it the threat of rains, severe winds, and flooding. Most shelters aren’t sufficient to protect families from wintery weather.

Help us to leave no-one behind this winter. Donate to our winter appeal in Somalia, and provide waterproof sheeting to help a family reinforce their shelter against the rain. We’ll also provide two jerry cans of water, two mattresses and two blankets to provide extra warmth.

To protect families from the spread of winter sicknesses, waterborne diseases and COVID-19, we’ll also provide nine bars of soap, chlorine and detergent.

During our first distribution round, we want to protect 1,920 people across 320 families in Kahda camp, Mogadishu.

Last year, we provided 600 displaced families in Somalia with two mosquito nets, two sleeping mats, and two blankets, helping a total of 3,600 people.

This year, help us to reach even more vulnerable people so that we leave no-one behind.

Winter kills.

Donate now.