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Pakistan Winter Food Pack

Pakistan Winter Food Pack

Nutritious food in Pakistan

The Messenger (PBUH) said, “The best of you are those who feed others.” (Hadith Ahmad)

£55 – provide a family-of-six with 27 kilograms of nutritious food, helping them to stay nourished for a month during the height of winter.

Winter in Pakistan

Half of Pakistani families live below the poverty line. After devastating floods one year ago, families are still struggling to survive after having lost crops, livestock and homes in the flooding.

Cyclical patterns of extreme rain and flooding in the past years mean that the area we’re working in is projected to experience heavy rains and cold weather this winter, putting the most vulnerable families at risk of sickness, isolation, and hunger.

Winter kills.

Feed a family this winter

Donate to our Winter Emergency Appeal and help us to protect the most vulnerable families across nine countries from snow, rain, flooding, freezing temperatures and bitter winds. In Pakistan, £55 will help a family to stay nourished in winter by providing them with 10 kilograms of flour, as well as rice, sugar, oil, mung beans, and salt.

In all, we want to help 1,560 people from 240 families in Rahim Yar Khan in Punjab to stay nourished and healthy for a month during the height of winter.

Together, let’s leave no-one behind this winter.

Why give to Human Appeal?

With your help, we helped 314,701 people across 10 countries over the last two winters, including 8,112 in Pakistan. Our staff is local, who experience the same winters that they are helping others through.

Thank you for spreading warmth in Pakistan.