Bangladesh Winter Emergency Fund

Bangladesh Winter Emergency Fund

Bangladesh Winter Emergency Fund
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Don't abandon those left behind

“No Muslim clothes a Muslim with a garment, except that he is under the protection of Allah as long as a shred from it remains upon him.” (Tirmidhi)

£70 Rohingya Refugee Winter Family Emergency Kits Provide a widow and her orphaned children with a nourishing food pack and winter clothing to protect them from the cold.

£70 Children's Winter Emergency Kit Provide warm winter clothing for street and working children in Dhaka to protect them from the cold.

This winter, help us to leave no-one behind. Donate to our winter appeal, and provide street children with warm clothing, and support Rohingya families with food and warm winter clothing.

Thousands are out in the cold

Life in Cox’s Bazar is unbearably difficult. Families that fled brutal persecution in Myanmar are living in overcrowded camps in shelters that do little to protect them from the harshness of winter, or the spread of COVID-19.

This winter, provide a family with a winter kit containing food and warm winter clothing. Each food parcel contains 28 kilograms of food, including rice, oil, flour, sugar, lentils, milk powder, and vermicelli.

We’ll be focusing on supporting widowed and orphaned families, and in our first round of distributions we want to help 1,425 people.

Cold and alone on the streets of Dhaka

350,000 children live on the streets of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Many have been abandoned or are escaping violence, but some come from families that are so vulnerable that they have been forced onto the street.

Temperatures in Dhaka regularly drop to 4 or 5 degrees. In this normally warm country, street children don’t have the clothes to protect them from the cold – usually, they are barefoot and only have a thin layer of clothing to protect them. Each winter, 300-500 people die from the cold across the country.

Let’s leave no child behind this winter. Support our winter appeal, and provide a street child with warm winter clothing via our outreach centre. We already support 240 at the centre, providing education, a safe space, medical care, and food. This winter, we want to support 640 children in our first distribution, including the 240 at our centre, as well as 400 vulnerable street children who we’d like to include at our centre with enough funding.

In our first distribution, we’ll also work with 260 parents of these children, providing them with clothing, and distribute 450 blankets to families.

Last winter, you provided 3,000 people with food, PPE, and winter clothing in Bangladesh.

This year, help us to keep the most vulnerable people warm.

Together, let’s leave no-one behind.

Winter kills.

Donate now.