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Yemen Winter Fund
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Yemen Winter Emergency

Frost, flooding and bitter weather in Yemen

Heavy frosts have already hit Yemen, forcing children to sleep on the bare ground of their tents.

Even before winter, Yemenis were facing the most urgent humanitarian crisis in the world, the worst famine in a century, and the most severe cholera epidemic since records began.

Now, those struggling just to feed their families face a bitter winter with frost, freezing temperatures and torrential rains.

It’s difficult to overstate the suffering caused by the crises in Yemen, and how much harder it will be to survive winter will be without your support.

£165 will provide an entire family-of-seven with thermal blankets and warm winter clothes, including fleece pyjamas, thermal underwear, jackets, socks and shawls.

Donate, and help a family that has survived the most brutal conditions to stay warm this winter.

Since 2015, our emergency winter response has helped nearly 200,000 people across 11 countries.