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Yemen Emergency Appeal

Little Maryam pictured above, is heading for the abyss. Just like 22.2 million other people caught in the Yemen famine. Tragically, a child dies every ten minutes. People are eating leaves to survive. Yet 42% of the UK don’t even know about the Yemen crisis.

Human Appeal has been working in Yemen since 2014. The ongoing conflict makes Yemen a difficult environment to operate in, but we are one of the few international NGOs with an established presence in the country. In the last year alone, we have helped over 165,000 Yemenis through life-saving projects in health, nutrition, clean water, food security, shelter, protection, and education in the worst affected regions.

Just £100 will go towards helping thousands of people through our health and nutrition project, including malnutrition services, services for children and pregnant women, and the supply of healthcare professionals.

Through this project, we aim to reach people in need in remote districts and deliver much needed life saving health care services to over 38,000 people, as Yemen’s health system faces collapse due to ongoing conflict, lack of operational costs and serious shortages of medicines and medical supplies.