Winter Emergency Appeal Fund

Winter Emergency Appeal Fund
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Winter Emergency Appeal

Freezing temperatures. Flooding. Snow. Winter kills. Help us to keep displaced families warm, protected, and dry for £100.

Without your help, displaced families risk death this winter.

They have escaped conflict, disaster and persecution, but the world’s 70.8 million* displaced people cannot escape winter.

In winter, a perfect storm of inadequate shelter and a lack of warm clothing and nutritious food can make the bitter season deadly for refugees and displaced families. With no means of protecting themselves from the cold and no access to nutritious food, fighting illness becomes impossible. Common colds and the flu can be deadly. Pregnant women, small children, the elderly and the disabled are especially vulnerable.

Over the last four years, we have helped over 200,000 people across 11 countries through our winter interventions, including 48,955 in Syria, 14,541 in Palestine, 6,000 in Bangladesh and Myanmar, 5,280 in Yemen and 56,427 here in the UK.

This winter, we are providing emergency winter kits for displaced people trying to survive in camps. They contain essential items, such as warm clothing, thermal bedding, fuel for heating, shelter repair kits, and nutritious food to last one whole month. They are a lifeline for those in desperate need.

Help save lives this winter.