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Where Most Needed

Those who spend their wealth in Allah’s cause are like grains of corn which produce seven ears, each bearing a hundred grains. (2:261)

Human Appeal is there for the vulnerable family when tragedy strikes, providing food, shelter, water and medicine during emergencies. But we’re also there when the crises ease, and when the world stops watching, working behind the scenes to build resilience, provide protection and support livelihoods, so that people can support themselves and their families, and lead dignified lives.

From wells and drought-resistant gardens in Somalia, to training carpenters and supporting new businesses in Gaza, to training communities to combat gender-based violence in Iraq, our Where Most Needed fund supports people working to lift themselves out of poverty.

£70 will provide a family of five with enough nutritious food to keep them nourished for one whole month.

£100 will provide a vulnerable family with food, clean water and basic medical supplies.

£170 will provide an emergency survival kit.

Donate, and help us to build resilience against emergencies, all year round.