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Syria Winter Emergency

Each winter in Syria temperatures plummet, battering the country with freezing rains, sub-zero temperatures and howling snowstorms. The escalating bombing campaign in Idlib is only making things worse, and for too many of the 6.2m displaced Syrians, winter can be a death sentence. Flimsy tents, inadequate clothing, lack of food, conditions are dire. But you can help.

£165 will provide a displaced family with blankets, waterproof sheets, children’s clothes, raincoats and wellington boots.

Since December 2019, conflict has escalated in North West Syria, targeting camps, hospitals and schools – leaving an estimated 1 million people displaced.

Camps are full, children are freezing to death and now with more people arriving, resources are stretched. Vulnerable families and children have been forced to sleep in open fields, animals caves and abandoned buildings as temperatures plummet.

As the crisis enters its ninth year, a generation of children are growing up knowing nothing but war.

Over six million people are currently displaced across Syria, and a further six million have been registered as refugees living in various countries across the globe.

Since 2015, our emergency winter response has helped nearly 200,000 people across 11 countries, and we’re now doing the same in Syria.

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