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Syria Emergency Appeal

A staggering 900,000 people – including over half a million children – have been forced to flee their homes in Idlib since December. But camps are full and children are freezing to death as hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to sleep outdoors in sub-zero temperatures. Mothers huddle beneath plastic sheets with their children and elderly relatives, desperate to be warm and safe. But there is no escaping the bitter misery this winter. Please help save lives now.

£70 could feed a family in Syria for a month.

£100 can provide a family fleeing bombs in Idlib with emergency food, clean water, shelter and medical aid.

£165 can provide a displaced family with blankets, waterproof protective sheets, children’s clothes, raincoats and wellington boots.

It is the largest displacement of Syrians in the history of the nine-year war, and it has been called the worst humanitarian crisis in Syria.

Syrians are reporting that the bombardment and neglect that they face feels like the end of the world.

It’s hard to capture just how devastating life is as families flee bombs and try to survive the cold when there are not enough tents to go around.

Our teams are in Syria now but we urgently need more donations in order to shelter Syrian families from the freezing temperatures. Please help save lives now.

No life is safe in Syria

Hospitals, clinics and schools are being targeted by airstrikes and Human Appeal’s own staff have also been forced to flee their homes. No life is safe in Syria. Many people are fleeing to the Turkey border only to find it closed. They are trapped.

Behesti Ismail, Human Appeal’s Country Director for Turkey and Syria said: “When the people of Syria look out to the world they are left wondering: where is the moral outcry? This plea is on their behalf, and it is also up to us to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves; whether that is because they are no longer with us due to this conflict, or because they have only just been born into a world that is crumbling around them.

“Nearly 3 million people need healthcare urgently, yet hospitals have been targeted. Newborn babies are taking their first breath in freezing tents and unsanitary camps that are over capacity by the thousands, yet are still being struck with missiles.

“An immediate ceasefire is the only way to end the mass human tragedy that is unfolding. Sadly, it is too late for many and the consequences of the conflict will be felt for generations, but hundreds of thousands of people can still be saved, if we act now and show Syria that the world cares.”

There are now reports that settlements for displaced Syrians are being targeted, which is resulting in deaths, injuries and further displacements.

Human Appeal are on the ground

With your support, our teams have been distributing lifesaving aid, including emergency food parcels to over 8,000 people, winter relief and shelter to 14,850 people, and medical aid to over 9,000 people through our Al Imaan Hospital and our mobile emergency clinics. This is providing displaced families with daily critical care where many hospitals have been suspended following the attacks. We need your help to allow us to reach more vulnerable displaced families.

Working in Syria since 2011, Human Appeal has provided relief to Syrians throughout the entirety of the conflict. Over the last 4 years, we’ve helped over 9 million people.

Donate to save lives in Syria now