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Lebanon Winter Fund
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Lebanon Winter Emergency

Provide warmth and food in Lebanon

In Lebanon, winter temperatures plummet drastically. For the 342,875 Syrian refugees living in the mountainous Bekaa Valley, winter brings the threat of snowstorms, sub-zero temperatures and biting, icy winds.

Hundreds of thousands of Syrians will endure winter living in tents, basements, or garages, that offer little protection from the freezing weather.

For the most vulnerable, winter spells the threat of colds, the flu, pneumonia and hypothermia. Without a way to stay warm, even the common cold can be fatal.

Help us to keep a Syrian family warm this winter.

For £100 you can provide a family-of-six with 40 litres of oil to keep their shelter warm, as well as enough nutritious food for a month, including rice, lentils, chickpeas, spaghetti, cheese and vermicelli.

Help those who have endured war, bombing, and unspeakable violence to survive the cold this winter.

Since 2015, our emergency winter response has helped nearly 200,000 people across 11 countries.