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Global Emergency Fund
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Global Emergency Fund

“Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity.” (Tirmidhi)

We are facing a series of global emergencies unlike any the world has ever seen. By donating to our Where Most Needed Fund, you can help us to react rapidly to crises, and to restore and reinforce devastated lives devastated by poverty.

£100 - provide a vulnerable family with food, clean water, and medical aid. Your donation is a lifeline for a family that has lost their home and livelihood.

£70 - keep a family-of-five fed and nourished for an entire month with a wholesome and nutritious food parcel.

£35/month help us be ready to respond rapidly, wherever and whenever disaster strikes, helping families to survive the most fragile disasters.

The world’s worst humanitarian crises are becoming more desperate and extreme. As disease, destruction and disasters escalate, it’s the most vulnerable – especially children – who are hardest hit.

Right now, 168 million people – that’s one in 45 people – need humanitarian assistance, that’s the highest that figure has risen in decades. 1.2 billion children are living in poverty due to COVID-19. Over 79 million people are displaced by conflict and climate-related disaster and one in nine people are going to bed hungry.

As communities are pushed further into poverty, and as violence and disease become harder to control, many crises across the world remain under-reported and under-funded. That is why our Global Emergency Fund is needed, now more than ever.

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