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Gaza Emergency Appeal

“Whoever saves one life – it is as if he had saved mankind entirely.” [Qur’an, 5:32]

£15 – provide one person with access to the water desalination plant.

£70 – provide a food parcel to a family-of-six in Palestine for a month.

£150 – provides 30 children with access Al-Aqsa children’s library’s activities, books, and education.

£287 – perform your Qurbani in Palestine, providing fresh nutritious meat to vulnerable families.

The ongoing blockade, spiralling unemployment and recent violent escalations have pushed Gaza to the brink. The UN predicted that Gaza could become unliveable by 2020.

That time is now, and yet Palestinians continue to experience inhumane conditions. Over half of Gazans do not have enough food to eat and three-quarters rely on humanitarian help to survive. Fishermen and farmers face harsh restrictions in accessing to land and sea, making it almost impossible to make a decent living.

Changing lives now, transforming tomorrow

Our fresh meat Qurbani distributions help to support families in the immediate, and fulfils a beautiful charity of Eid al-Adha in Gaza, where the siege prevents many families from eating meat. Our food parcels help to strengthen communities against the spread of the virus by helping them to avoid leaving home for work during this critical time. Our long-term projects focus on rebuilding and strengthening Palestine, addressing energy shortages, supporting education, providing clean water, and empowering children to have the tools to build a better tomorrow.

Educating the future

In the children’s library of Masjid Al-Aqsa, we’re providing new equipment, books, and furniture to help children learn about science, culture, history, literature and religion through books, activities and social programmes.

With your help, we’re working to help 30,000 children to have a better education, without the interruption of power cuts to prevent them from learning. Currently, schools in Gaza operate double-shifts, and are restricted by power cuts; the UN estimates that only half of children reach their academic potential.

Clean water for 30,000 people

The entire population of the Gaza Strip depends on one single aquifer for water, which is chronically contaminated by saltwater and sewage.

With your help, we will build a desalination plant – including three wells – in Rafah, providing safe drinking water to up to 60,000 people for 15 years. When you give just £15, you’ll provide one Palestinian with a sustainable source of clean water for years to come.

This Eid, follow in the footsteps of the prophets. Provide your Qurbani in the holy land of Palestine, and help us to empower local communities.

Give, and reap the rewards of the blessed days of Dhul Hijjah.

Why give through Human Appeal?

We’ve been working in Palestine for over 20 years. Our staff aren’t parachuted in, they’re local, and they understand local needs. Our long familiarity with suppliers, protocols and urgent response means that we can buy the best quality supplies at the most affordable price, helping your donations to be even more impactful. When you donate to Palestine with Human Appeal, you’re empowering local, skilled staff to support the most vulnerable among them, supported by our specialist protection and emergency teams at headquarters, who have 29 years’ experience.

Our work so far

Our supporters continue to help 4,738 orphaned children in the West Bank and Gaza. Between 2018 and 2019, your donations provided food to 200,000 Palestinians. This year, 11,000 patients benefited from our delivery of urgent medicines, and 100,000 are benefiting from spare parts that we provided to operating theatres and intensive care units.

Currently 97 per cent of water in Gaza is contaminated and unsafe to drink. In 2018, we installed a desalination unit in Al Aqsa University, supporting 15,300 students, staff and visitors each day. We’ve installed a desalination unit in Rafah, serving 60,000 people, and we’re constructing a sewage network in middle Gaza.

Last year, we also supported 3,200 people to seek treatment for eye conditions through our optic centre.

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