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Gaza Emergency Appeal

''Whosoever saves a life, it is as if they have saved all mankind.'' (Quran 5: 32)

Missile attacks on Gaza on Tuesday 12th November have killed 26 people and injured 89, including 25 children. Homes have been destroyed, schools have been damaged or closed, agricultural land is in ruins, a mosque in Rafah has sustained significant damage and hospitals are on alert.

The current situation is extremely fragile and the intensifying conflict and number of casualties are expected to rise further over the coming days in an area where the health system is already short in resources.

The ongoing blockade, spiralling unemployment and recent violent escalations have pushed Gaza to the brink. The UN predicted that Gaza could become unliveable by 2020. Over half of Gazans do not have enough food to eat and three-quarters rely on humanitarian help to survive. Fishermen and farmers face restricted access to land and sea, making it hard to make a living.

A third of essential medicines are out of stock and a staggering 97% of water is undrinkable. Gaza's hospitals are already under severe pressure due to shortages and a lack of medical supplies, but the recent attacks are now placing a high burden on the hospitals to cope with their current patients and the expected influx of casualties. The Palestinian Ministry of Health has called on the United Nations and aid agencies to offer urgent and immediate support.

Help save a life in Gaza

£250 can provide shelter for one family for one month.

£200 can provide lifesaving medical assistance to an injured person.

£100 provides vital emergency medical aid, including disposables and essential medicine.

£50 provides psychosocial assistance for one child affected by the fighting.

Help us to support the most vulnerable people by providing medicine and tools to support hospitals and health care centres across Gaza.

Support our life-saving work in Gaza and help vulnerable people access the lifesaving medicine they need to recover and rebuild their lives. Save a life and save all of mankind.

Human Appeal’s work in Gaza and the West Bank

Last year, your donations helped a total of 300,000 people in Gaza. We provided anaesthetic drugs to at least 10,000 people, and around 20,000 people now have access to our optic centre, which provides check-ups for students and orphans.

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