Deep Water Well - Pakistan


Deep Water Well - Pakistan
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Build a deep water well in Pakistan

“When a person dies, his deeds come to an end, except for three: ongoing charity (Sadaqah Jariyah), knowledge that is benefited from, and a righteous child who prays for him.” (Muslim)

£770 - Install a deep water well in Pakistan.

Install a deep water well in a drought-hit community, helping to transform and protect a village.

When you provide a deep-water well, you give the gift of clean water to around 70 people affected by drought, ensuring they no longer go thirsty and can grow and water crops to feed their families.

You’ll also help to protect them against unclean water, waterborne diseases, and the spread of COVID-19.

Not only does a water well transform and protect a community, it’s a Sadaqah Jariyah that continues to bless the giver for as long as it’s in use. You can even donate a water well on behalf of a loved one, and they’ll reap the endless rewards of this charity – even after they are gone.

Transform a community for generations to come

When you give £770, you’ll be directly responsible for transforming life for 70 people for many years to come. Every time a resident is able to drink clean water, grow a plant, feed an animal, or work instead of spending their day fetching water, that will be your blessed legacy.

Reap the ongoing blessings of this impactful project. Donate today.