Bangladesh Sathkira Water Filtration Plants

Bangladesh Sathkira Water Filtration Plants
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Bangladesh Water Filtration Plants

“The best charity is giving water to drink.” (Ahmad)

Around 4 million people in Bangladesh don’t have access to safe, clean water. A staggering 41% of improved water sources are contaminated by E. Coli.

In Dakkhin Sreepur, Kaliganj Upazila, 60% of people struggle to make ends meet. Many families waste hours in the day trekking the eight kilometres to the nearest clean water point. Others rely on dirty water closer to home – rainwater that has been left to fester, growing algae as the rains recede.

Give the gift of clean water

Help us to install a life-changing water plant in Dakkhin Sreepur, with our partners Dhaka Ahsania Mission. The ground beneath the village is rich with water, but it contains high levels of toxic arsenic. The water plant will provide a sustainable source of water for the 2,238 residents by cleaning this ground water for years to come.

We’ll also set up a water management committee so that the plant is maintained safely, and we’ll be training over 400 women in hygiene promotion to transform the sanitation of the community.

With your help we can ensure that this community has long-term access to safe uncontaminated water. When families no longer have to spend hours fetching water, they are able to work and to support themselves.

£50 provides access to the water plant for 20 people.

£100 provides access to the water plant for 40 people.

£250 provides access to the water plant for 100 people.

Human Appeal's work in Bangladesh

Last year, your donations helped over 17,500 people in Kaliganj, by improving access to clean water and latrines, and providing awareness about nutrition, handwashing, and safe water.

You also supported the Rohingya crisis in Bangladesh by distributing emergency food to 33,000 people in Rakhine State and Sittwe camps for displaced people. In winter, we distributed warm clothes and mattresses to over 5,000 vulnerable people.

Last Ramadan, we distributed food parcels and hot meals to over 18,000 people in Bangladesh, as well as weekly food packages to 700 of the most vulnerable pregnant and nursing mothers.