Winter Emergency Fund

Winter Emergency Fund
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Winter Emergency Fund

79.5 million people need help this winter

“Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity.” (Al-Tirmidhi)

Our Winter Emergency Fund provides essential winter support to those who need it most, wherever they may be. Donate to this fund if you care less about where your donation ends up, and more about making sure the most vulnerable people survive winter.

£100 Winter Emergency Kit will provide a displaced family with the essentials they need to survive this winter, such as warm blankets, clothes, heating and fuel.

In the last two months, vulnerable families have battled against winter, facing floods in Syria, snow in Lebanon, fire in Rohingya refugee camps, hunger and cholera in Yemen, as well as the ongoing battle with COVID-19.

Freezing temperatures. Heavy rain. Howling winds. Without your help, displaced families could lose their lives this winter. After enduring conflict, disaster, persecution and the threat of COVID-19, millions of displaced families must now endure an unbearable season with no place to call home.

In winter, a perfect storm of inadequate shelter and a lack of warm clothing and nutritious food can make the bitter season deadly for refugees and displaced families. With no means of protecting themselves from the cold and no access to nutritious food, fighting illness becomes impossible. Common colds, flu and COVID-19 can be deadly. Pregnant women, small children, older people, and disabled people are especially vulnerable. Without your help, we simply can’t protect the most at-risk this winter.

Help us save lives

This winter, Human Appeal is working in nine countries to protect the most vulnerable from snow, rains, flooding, freezing temperatures, and unbearable winds. Your donations will help us to provide winter kits where they’re most needed, tailored to the needs of each community, helping them to survive the bitter months.

Each winter kit contains essential items that are urgently needed in the local area, such as warm clothing, thermal bedding, fuel for heating, shelter repair kits, and nutritious food to last one whole month.

Thank you for supporting people in desperate need.

Thanks to your support, Human Appeal has been delivering emergency winter aid in the world’s most vulnerable communities for 30 years. Last year alone we supported 116,500 people across 7 countries thanks to you.

Vulnerable families need our help this winter more than ever. Your donation can be the difference between life and death.

Winter kills. So please act now. Donate generously today.