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Gaza water fund
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Water for Gaza Project in partnership with UN OCHA

In partnership with UNOCHA, this project will help the entire population of the Gaza (over 2 million people) with access to safe water for drinking & domestic use by repairing 5 essential wells and de-contaminating the whole water supply.

£1,000 provides clean water for 10,000 people

£600 provides clean water for 6,000 people

£300 provides clean water for 3,000 people

Reap the rewards of providing clean water to marginalised people in Palestine for many years to come.

97 per cent of Gaza’s water is polluted. Give water, save lives

The UN recognizes access to water as a human right, and giving water is considered the best of charities in Islam. Sadly, many people in Gaza still struggle to access clean water. In fact, 12 percent of child deaths in Gaza are linked to contaminated water.

The entire population of the Gaza Strip depends on one single aquifer for water, which is chronically contaminated by saltwater and sewage. Around 97 per cent of water in Gaza is undrinkable, and, while most of us turn on the tap without a second thought, families in Gaza are forced to spend an average of 33 per cent of their income to buy water, often at extortionate rates.

Our work in Gaza

We’ve been changing lives in Palestine for 20 years. Our recent work includes building a desalination plant for 15,000 people at Al Aqsa University, supporting over 3,000 children through winter in Gaza, and helping to fight the critical medical crisis by providing 10,000 medicines. Last year, we also set up an education and welfare centre, ensuring 450 Palestinian students have the opportunity to access school.

Now is the time to give, and reap the benefits of an ongoing charity for many years to come. Now is the time to ensure that the local community doesn’t resort to drinking unclean water.

Give today, and reap the multiplied blessings of Ramadan.