Feed a fasting family in Gaza with fresh food


Feed a fasting family in Gaza with fresh food
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Feed a fasting family in Gaza with fresh food from local farmers in Palestine

The continuing blockade in Gaza, coupled with consistent airstrikes and high levels of unemployment have made it all but impossible for Palestinians to make a reliable living. Infrastructure and public services have been repeatedly devastated to the point where half of all citizens require some sort of humanitarian relief to survive.

Today, 1.3 million people in Gaza do not have enough food to eat. You can help by providing fresh, weekly food parcels to vulnerable families in Gaza. For £150 a family can be food secure, with nutritious, fresh food for the entire month. This project has a unique integrated approach, so you can double your rewards this Ramadan; your donation will buy fresh produce from local vulnerable farmers and women’s cooperatives, meaning that you support both those providing, and those receiving, the fresh food.

By feeding just one family your blessings will be multiplied this Ramadan

Through this project, we aim to provide a total of 1,500 families with enough food for the whole month; it will also secure the livelihoods of 100 farming families, who will grow and sell the fresh food to us.

"O people! Spread the Islamic greetings amongst yourselves, feed the hungry, maintain kinship relations, observe prayer at night while people are asleep and you will peacefully enter the Paradise."

£150 – Double your rewards. Feed a fasting family for a month with fresh food from local farmers in Palestine. This unique project enables you to double your impact. As well alleviating food insecurity by providing one Palestinian family with weekly fresh food parcels, you will also be helping to provide livelihoods for local farmers.

Human Appeal’s work in Gaza and the West Bank

Last year, your donations helped a total of 300,000 people in Gaza. We provided 1,150 families with fresh eggs, meat, fruit and vegetables, and 14,840 people received iftars, either as hot meals, or as nutritious food parcels that lasted the entire month.

Help us to reach even more people this year. Provide a family with fresh, healthy food for a whole month for £150.

One person can make all the difference.

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