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Gifting toys, sweets and clothes at Eid

Abu Sa’id al-Khudri reported that After delivering Eid prayers, “The Prophet (PBUH) would say three times, ‘Give in charity.’ The women would give the most of those who gave.”

Bring joy to a child in need this Eid by donating an Eid gift for £15

Charity should not be limited, since it is beloved to Allah all year round. As Muslims, we believe that it is mustahabb – encouraged and rewarded – to uphold ties, show kindness and eat and drink well at Eid.

It can be difficult for many Muslims to celebrate Eid as they’d like to. Help a family to mark this wondrous day by providing toys, sweets and clothes to vulnerable children who may never have received a present at Eid before.

Everyone should be able to celebrate the joy of Eid. Spread happiness on this blessed day with an Eid gift.