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Al Imaan Hospital and mobile clinics

Pregnant women, mothers and babies in war-ravaged Idlib urgently need life-saving healthcare including obstetric care, ventilators and incubators for newborns at Al Imaan Hospital.

£150 – Save 5 women or babies.

£300 - Save 10 women or babies.

£600 - Ultimate 20 - save 20 women or babies.

£5,000 – Five-day hero - Keep Al Imaan Hospital open and saving lives for 5 days.

Support our mobile clinic, and you’ll provide the most isolated, at-risk people to access medical care in Aleppo.

£100 – Help isolated and vulnerable people to have critical healthcare through our mobile clinics.

“Whoever removes a grief from a believer from amongst the sorrows of this life, Allah will remove a grief from him amongst the sorrows of the Day of Resurrection. Whoever brings ease to one in difficulty, Allah will make it easy for him in this life and the Hereafter. Whoever covers a Muslim, Allah will cover him in this life and the Hereafter. Allah is in aid of the servant so long as the servant is in aid of his brother.” (Sahih Muslim)

One million people fled airstrikes in Idlib. Medicines are urgently needed

Right now, Syrians are enduring their tenth year of a long and brutal conflict – and many will die because they cannot access healthcare due to relentless attacks on hospitals.

Across Syria, 11.7 million people need humanitarian support, and almost a million people have fled their homes since December. Hospitals are being targeted and shut down – including Human Appeal’s own Al Imaan Hospital in Aleppo – with almost half of all health facilities in Syria either partly operational or completely out of service.

Medicine and funds are running out. Doctors are working by torchlight. Without enough hospitals, services are stretched to the brink, diseases can spiral, and the most vulnerable people are put at even greater risk.

We’ve re-opened Al Imaan Hospital in Idlib, providing critical care to vulnerable people who have fled the violence, and we’re also running a mobile clinic, helping some of the most at-risk and isolated people to access doctors, nurses and midwives, so that we can save the lives of those who can’t travel to hospital.

Donate and help us to care for sick and vulnerable people.

Al Imaan Hospital is in critical danger of closing. Your donation will save lives.

Tens of thousands depend on Human Appeal’s new Al Imaan Hospital in Sarmada, Idlib, but it’s in critical danger of closing. We need to treat 52,800 Syrians over the coming year – 4,400 people per month – but without your donations, our hospital will soon have no funds or medicines left, and will be forced to close.

Now is the time to save lives by keeping Al Imaan Hospital open. Now is the time to multiply your blessings this Ramadan.

You can also set up a monthly donation, providing lifesaving treatment to a vulnerable Syrian every month, helping malnourished babies to get healthy, providing urgent care during childbirth, and offering emergency surgery.

Mobile clinics

When you support our mobile clinic, you’ll help to provide first aid, obstetrics and antenatal care to the most isolated and vulnerable Syrians, as well as referrals, and treatment for malnutrition and acute illnesses.

Changing lives with healthcare

You’ve helped us to support over 9 million people in Syria since our work began in 2013.

In 2018, we provided life-saving emergency nutrition services in health facilities in Aleppo, supported five primary health care centres, two mobile clinics and Al Imaan Hospital in rural Aleppo, which helped 35,688 vulnerable women and children. We also supported 40 community health workers, recruited staff, furnished the health centres and promoted outreach activities in the area.

In 2019, we helped to reduce mortality rates in Idlib and Aleppo through healthcare, sanitation projects and emergency relief.

You helped us to treat 102,302 people at our old hospital in Aleppo last year, before it was bombed and forced to close in August. With your incredible support, we reopened in Idlib 3 months later.

Today, devastatingly, Al Imaan is running low on funds and is at risk of shutting down.

Displaced and sick Syrians, mothers and their newborn babies immediately need your help to continue to access urgent healthcare at Al Imaan Hospital and through our mobile clinics.

Please help us to keep Al Imaan Hospital open. Save lives this Ramadan. Donate today, and multiply your blessings.