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Eid Gifts
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Gifting toys, sweets and clothes at Eid

Abu Sa’id al-Khudri reported that After delivering Eid prayers, “The Prophet (PBUH) would say three times, ‘Give in charity.’ The women would give the most of those who gave.”

Charity should not be limited, since it is beloved to Allah all year round. As Muslims, we believe that it is mustahabb – encouraged and rewarded – to uphold ties, show kindness and eat and drink well at Eid.

It can be difficult for many Muslims to celebrate Eid as they’d like to. Help a family to mark this wondrous day by providing toys, sweets and clothes to vulnerable children who may never have received a present at Eid before.

Everyone should be able to celebrate the joy of Eid. Spread happiness on this blessed day with an Eid gift.