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Transform a drought-hit community in Pakistan

Those who spend their wealth [in Allah 's way] by night and by day, secretly and publicly - they will have their reward with their Lord. And no fear will there be concerning them, nor will they grieve. (Quran 2:274)

£50 – Transform a community. Provide 2 people with access to clean water, a livelihood, electricity, latrines, and clean water.

£75 – Transform a community. Provide 3 people with access to clean water, a livelihood, electricity, latrines, and clean water.

£100 – Transform a community. Provide 4 people with access to clean water, a livelihood, electricity, latrines, and clean water.

Transform an entire village suffering from years of water scarcity by bringing a sustainable, clean water source, innovative farming tools and training, as well as livestock, lighting and hygiene facilities to a whole community, providing all the tools they need to thrive, even through periods of drought.

Provide truly life-changing projects in Tharparkar, Pakistan by supporting this rare, impactful project. Tharparkar has been hit by cyclical drought that has decimated livelihoods, communities, agriculture and livestock.

Uthman Ibn Affan (RA) provided a well to the people of Medina, refusing to sell the water because he knew the enormous reward of caring for and protecting a whole community.

Follow in his footsteps and help us to protect and transform a whole village and reap the rewards for many months to come.

Bring back jobs, livestock, water, and life in a drought-hit community

When drought hits, especially cyclically like in Tharparkar, it doesn’t just mean people don’t have clean water to drink, it devastates the entire community. Without water, families can’t grow food, feed their livestock, stay clean, or have produce to sell. Climate change has devastated the main livelihood in Tharparkar – farming. Without your support, residents will always be stuck trying to overcome the latest drought.

A huge 98% families don’t have access to toilets or information about basic hygiene practices, a critical need for any community to survive, even before the spread of COVID-19.

Transform lives and reap the endless blessings

When you give £25,000, you’ll be responsible for transforming the lives of a whole village – that’s around 1,000 people for many years to come. You’ll reap the multiplied reward of Ramadan, and every time a family is able to grow a plant, feed an animal, or travel in safety, that will be your blessed legacy.

In all, we want to help 52,500 people across 50 drought-hit villages in Tharparkar.

With your donation, the village that you sponsor will have a solar-powered water pump, a storage tank, and a water supply system that will be able to provide clean water, even during droughts. You’ll also provide 12 latrines as well as 20 solar-powered street lights so that residents can have hygienic toilets and the most vulnerable won’t be at risk when they are outside at night.

In each village, we’ll provide hygiene training to ensure that we help prevent the spread of disease and infections. 100 farming families will receive training on water efficiency, climate-smart agriculture, drought-resistant farming techniques, as well as seeds, tools and training. We’ll also help them to install a demonstration plot so that they can replicate farming practices. Across all villages, we’ll provide 120 widows with a pair of goats for milking so that they can produce and sell milk in order to support their families.

Through this integrated project, you’ll be helping to lift entire communities out of poverty for good by giving them the tools to overcome all of the different obstacles that they face – water scarcity, compromised hygiene facilities, and decimated farming and livestock.

And you’ll be protecting the environment through our green energy sources.

Our work in Pakistan

Human Appeal has been working in Pakistan for nearly 15 years. Our recent work includes transforming lives for 6,800 people across six drought-hit farming communities. We provided livestock vaccination and management training, 120 widows received livestock and improved access to livelihood opportunities. We provided health training to 1,500 vulnerable women and children, as well as nutritional supplements to 600 of the most vulnerable. We also supported 1,900 students and teachers through improving schools and teacher training.

Endless reward

Every project that Human Appeal runs provides valuable and considered help to communities. But projects like this – that have the potential to lift entire communities and regions out of poverty - are rare and their impact is staggering and long-lasting.

Give, transform lives, and transform your own hereafter, inshaAllah.