The Ultimate Kilimanjaro Challenge


Ultimate Mount Kilimanjaro Challenge 2021
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The Ultimate Kilimanjaro Challenge

10th - 19th February 2021

£600 registration fee

£5,000 fundraising target

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Climb Kilimanjaro to help raise a total of £50,000 for our World in Crisis Emergency Appeal. We’re helping to protect and save thousands of families from the devastating effects of conflict and natural disasters all over the world, offering assistance wherever the need is greatest.

We’re looking for 10 outstanding people to register for our epic Mount Kilimanjaro climb, in aid of our World in Crisis Emergency Appeal. Human Appeal events don’t get bigger than this!

Climbing Kilimanjaro is one of the biggest adventures you’ll ever undertake! Set in beautiful Tanzania, 190 miles from Nairobi, Kilimanjaro rises about 4,900 metres from its base to a whopping 5,895 metres above sea level. You’ll experience breath-taking views in one of the most beautiful locations in the world. It’s all for a great cause - our World in Crisis Emergency Appeal.

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Conquer Kilimanjaro and help thousands

Everywhere we look, the world is in crisis. In Yemen, crippled by six years of conflict, famine, and disease, 24 million people need urgent humanitarian aid. In Syria, millions have been displaced due to the nine year long conflict. In Palestine, the United Nations say the Gaza Strip could become uninhabitable by 2020. In post-war Iraq the humanitarian situation remains critical with 6.7 million people needing assistance. In Myanmar and Bangladesh the Rohingya refugee crisis rolls on, worsened by Bangladesh being hit with severe floods. And in refugee camps around the world, coronavirus threatens the lives of the most vulnerable.

Human Appeal is on the ground in Syria, Yemen, Palestine, Somalia, Pakistan, Iraq, Myanmar and Bangladesh, but we can only deliver vital aid with your help. Your support means the difference between life and death for people experiencing unimaginable suffering. We always strive to respond to global disasters and emergencies as they happen, but more importantly, we are always working to grow our capacity so we are able to deliver aid faster and more efficiently, allowing us to deliver a more sustainable solution.

Our World in Crisis Emergency Appeal allows us to respond wherever the need is greatest. It means we can be on the ground within hours of a disaster striking, so we can reach more vulnerable people, including children, immediately with the essentials they need to survive.

What could be more rewarding than climbing Kilimanjaro for this wonderful cause?

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