Nights of Spirituality 2019 - BIRM 21st Apr EB


Nights of Spirituality 2019 - BIRM 21st Apr EB
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Get ready for Ramadan with our Nights of Spirituality Tour

Recitation, reminders and nasheeds

Sheikh Navaid Aziz

Sheikh Mahmood Fawzi

Nasheed artist Yahya Hawwa

Join us this month in Birmingham for a night of recitation, spirituality and prayer as we raise money to help orphaned children and to provide food to hungry families in Ramadan.

Explore the true meaning and power of the Quran as our knowledgeable sheikhs guide you through the holy book, discussing mercy, forgiveness and how to make the most of the blessed month of Ramadan.

So when the Qur'an is recited, then listen to it and pay attention that you may receive mercy. (Quran 7:204)

Sunday 21st April – Birmingham – dinner event

Doors open 6.30 p.m. for a 7.15 p.m. start.

Birmingham: £10 early bird/ £15 on the door (includes dinner).