Mount Snowdon


Mount Snowdon
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Would you like to do something awesome this year? Then how about you Climb Mount Snowdon for charity and make a big splash for our Water 4 Life projects?

Climbing Mount Snowdon is on the to-do list of many a hiking enthusiast in the UK. Why not add it to yours and say a big yes to the Human Appeal Snowdon Challenge 2019. It’s a fantastic thing to do for a great cause – delivering safe water to communities in need.

Are you ready for the Human Appeal Mount Snowdon Challenge?

Don’t miss your chance to join the Human Appeal challenge of a lifetime. You’ll make friends for life as you trek alongside hundreds of other participants from across the UK and it’s all for a fantastic cause – our Water 4 Life Appeal. Think you’re up for it?

The cause – Water 4 Life

Sadly, 663 million people do not have access to safe, clean water – that’s nearly one in 10 people, worldwide.

Most of those without safe water live in isolated rural communities and must walk for hours every day to collect water that is often contaminated. This keeps children out of school and prevents parents from being able to make a living, while making communities poorly because of waterborne diseases. Drinking unsafe water kills and 43% of deaths caused by drinking dirty water are children under the age of five.

So, please make a splash this March by climbing Snowdonia and supporting our Water 4 Life projects. Thank you!

Register for the Snowdon Challenge 2019

As Human Appeal Challenges go, this one’s up there! Are you ready to climb Mount Snowdon for charity?

To be part of this awesome experience, register now and start raising money to provide clean and accessible water for those in desperate need – for life.

Registration fee: £25 (Transport and lunch will be provided)

For further information, please contact:

Hamza Afzal, North West Fundraising Officer: 07808697504 Email: