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Emergency Fund

Emergency Fund - Where Most Needed

Emergency Fund

Our Emergency Fund is critically low

“Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity.” (Tirmidhi)

When a disaster strikes, our Emergency Fund allows us to respond within 72 hours, dispatching the aid and experts that the most vulnerable need. Arriving on the scene in these first hours is critical to controlling the scale of an emergency, and to helping to get families to safety.

Reap the blessings of sadaqah and a mercy to brothers and sisters who are hit by disaster around the globe. Donate to our Emergency Fund and help us to respond to emergencies within 72 hours, helping communities to survive, recover, and rebuild.

£35/month help us be ready to respond rapidly, wherever and whenever disaster strikes, helping families to survive.

£40 Be a lifeline to a family in crisis. Provide a vulnerable family with food, clean water, and medical aid. Your donation can transform the recovery of a family that has lost their home and livelihood.

£70 - keep a family-of-five fed and nourished for an entire month with a wholesome and nutritious food parcel.

What’s different about this fund?

What’s different about this fund?

Each week, communities across the world face a new crisis to deal with. Most don’t make the headlines. In the last year alone, our Emergency Fund has saved lives by responding to the war in Ukraine, the escalation in Gaza, and malnutrition and drought in Somalia, the earthquake in Afghanistan and the recent floods in Bangladesh.

How our Emergency Fund has saved lives

Sadly, many communities are already dealing with major crises when they are hit by another.

In Somalia, after three seasons of no rain, hunger levels are at their worst for 30 years, with 350,000 children at risk of starvation.

How our Emergency Fund is helping

Before a single pound was donated to our Somalia Emergency Appeal, we began distributing nutritious food parcels, malnutrition treatment and shelter, as well as delivering clean water to last a month to communities. The fund allowed us to react swiftly to rising malnutrition and famine-like conditions, without waiting for donations to come through.

Deadly Bangladesh Floods

In Bangladesh, severe flooding left 2 million people devastated. The worst monsoon rains the country has seen in decades led to the destruction of hundreds of thousands of homes, roads, communication lines, schools, hospitals and water sources. Families were left stranded, running out of food, while water sources became contaminated, increasing the spread of disease.

How our Emergency Fund has helped

We were able to respond straight away, supporting 444 vulnerable families in the Sylhet district in Bangladesh. Each family received a food parcel with rice, oil, flour, sugar, lentils, vermicelli and dried milk. They also received a safety kit including masks and sanitisers, water purification tablets and a blanket.

Afghanistan Earthquake

On 22nd June 2022, the Paktika province of Afghanistan was struck by a devastating earthquake, measuring 6.0 on the Richter scale. Tragically, over 1,150 people have lost their lives, over 1,500 people have been injured and over 10,000 homes have been destroyed. Almost all of the homes in the Paktika province have been destroyed, rendering over 50,000 people homeless and even more vulnerable. The earthquake has left a population that was already vulnerable and fragile, with nothing, having claimed lives, homes, livelihood and hope.

How our Emergency Fund has helped

We were able to swiftly reach the village of Aslasha, in the Paktika Province, where the earthquake has claimed over 54 lives, and destroyed over 90% of homes. Food had become increasingly scarce and difficult to source.

We were able to provide cooked meals to over 200 affected people in this village every day, helping to tackle hunger and bring ease.

We have 30 years of experience in responding to emergencies all over the globe.

To be there, whenever and wherever a disaster strikes, we urgently need more donations to our Emergency Fund. In every emergency, it’s always the most vulnerable – children, older people, those already struggling for food – who suffer the most.

Charity is a blessing – for those who receive it, and for those who give too. It offers protection from calamity, no matter how little you can afford to give.

As our brothers and sisters across the world face a scale of crisis that we’ve never seen before, be a mercy to the Ummah. Donate to our Emergency Fund appeal and reap the reward of helping us to act swiftly to save lives in emergencies.