Bangladesh Street Children Outreach Project

Street Children Outreach Project
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Transform the life of a street child in Bangladesh

“Whoever does not show mercy to our young ones, or acknowledge the rights of our elders, is not one of us.” (Ahmad)

Abandoned and at risk, every single day. 350,000 children live on Dhaka’s streets, exposed to abuse and exploitation. Provide a child with nutritious food, vital healthcare, education and a safe space for a whole year, helping them to get off the streets, escape exploitation, and have the childhood they deserve.

£50 – Support a street child for three months.

£200 – Provide a child living on the streets of Dhaka with nutritious food, healthcare, education, and a safe place to go for a year, helping them to get off the streets.

A street is not a home

A child on the street isn’t just struggling for food - they’re continuously at risk of exploitation, abuse, and unable to receive an education to improve their futures.

There are an estimated 350,000 children living on the streets of Dhaka. Many have been abandoned or are escaping violence, but some come from families that are so vulnerable that they have been forced onto the street.

It is the right of all children to expect mercy, kindness and care from Muslims, and it’s our duty to protect them from harm. Support our drop-in centre in Dhaka, and you’ll help to give street children a safe space, food, and healthcare to meet their short-term needs, as well as education, vocational classes, and outreach services so that they can build confidence, and have brighter futures.

Protecting and empowering the next generation

With your help, we want to transform the lives of at least 240 children through an outreach centre with our local partner Dhaka Ahsania Mission.

You’ll help us to provide street children with recreational activities, classes, books, and stationary, as well as sessions on their rights, exploitation, hygiene, abuse, trafficking and child marriage so that they have the knowledge to protect themselves.

We’ll also provide 36 older children with vocational training, and help 45 young adults to find a job where they are safe and valued.

Through this project, we’ll reach out to the families of the children, where appropriate, to support them in learning about child protection, rights and development, and we’ll link them with organisations that can help them to find employment, or micro-finance livelihoods.

Our work in Bangladesh

Human Appeal has been working in Bangladesh since 2015. Last year, we supported 178 street children, continued to support Rohingya families, and we helped vulnerable people to be resilient to hunger, winter weather, and COVID-19, helping a total of 11,830 people in Bangladesh.

Join us in fulfilling our duty to protect children, and help them to have the skills, education, and opportunity for a better tomorrow. Sponsor a street child.