Street Children Drop-In Centre

Street Children Drop-In Centre
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Bangladesh Street Children Drop-in Centre

Blessed is the wealth of the Muslim, from which he gives to the poor, the orphan and the wayfarer.” (Muslim)

In Bangladesh, 6.7 million children are out of school and 13% of children are forced to work to survive, often for up to 64 hours per week.

The Prophet (PBUH) understood the importance of childhood and he would shorten prayers for children’s comfort, and, whether they were related to him or not, he would play with them and make them laugh.

Help us to support some of the most vulnerable children

Help us to support some of the most vulnerable, lonely children in the world. This Ramadan, support our drop-in centre in Kamalpur, Dhaka, which supports children who are working or living on the street. With your donations, we’ll be supporting 200 vulnerable children for the next year, helping them to get an education, attend classes on rights, hygiene and finance, and providing them with a safe space where they can play and participate in social and cultural activities.

We’ll also help the children to access healthcare, and provide older children with vocational training and job placements so that they can be prepared for adulthood and employment.

Whenever possible, and safe, we’ll be working with the children’s families to reduce the risk of them falling into danger.

No child should be forced to fend for themselves. Support the most at-risk communities.

Help save children in Bangladesh

£300 (£25/month) provides one child with access to education and support at a drop-in centre.

£600 (£50/month) provides two children with access to education and support at a drop-in centre.

£900 (£75/month) provides two children with access to education and support at a drop-in centre.

Human Appeal's work in Bangladesh

Last year, your donations helped over 17,500 people in Kaliganj, by improving access to clean water and latrines, and providing awareness about nutrition, handwashing, and safe water.

You also supported the Rohingya crisis in Bangladesh by distributing emergency food to 33,000 people in Rakhine State and Sittwe camps for displaced people. In winter, we distributed warm clothes and mattresses to over 5,000 vulnerable people.

Last Ramadan, we distributed food parcels and hot meals to over 18,000 people in Bangladesh, as well as weekly food packages to 700 of the most vulnerable pregnant and nursing mothers.