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Sustainable water sources in Yemen

Yemenis are living through the worst humanitarian disaster in the world, the most severe cholera epidemic since records began, and are on the brink of the worst famine in a century.

It is difficult to overstate how devastating conditions are for Yemeni families, who face the brutal combination of war, continuing hunger and crippled health systems. Water and hygiene facilities in rural areas are collapsing, and there is an urgent need for safe water supplies.

The Prophet (PBUH) said, "Charity never decreases wealth. Rather, it increases it, it increases it, it increases it."

Increase your wealth this Ramadan, and benefit from the multiplied blessings of the holy month.

Help provide lifesaving water

With your help, we will be providing safe, sustainable water sources to 10,500 people in Sana’a, Yemen.

Over the coming months, we’ll be supporting the most vulnerable people – who are battling malnutrition, disease and food insecurity – by rehabilitating water sources, solar-powered pumps, and water tanks. We’ll also be installing a total of four water points, delivering 250,000 litres of water to 50 areas and carrying out water quality checks to ensure that their water continues to be safe and healthy.

By training the local community on the operation and maintenance of these water sources and establishing a water management committee, this project will be sustainable and provide clean water for years to come.

Your donations will also help us to distribute hygiene kits, deliver hygiene promotion sessions to 1,500 men and women, and provide guidance about avoiding cholera to families.

£20 provides one person with safe, life-sustaining water.

£60 provides three people with safe, life-sustaining water.

£200 provides ten people with safe, life-sustaining water.

This project will benefit 10,500 people

Human Appeal’s work in Yemen

Human Appeal has been working in Yemen since 2014. Since the outbreak of the conflict, your donations have provided food, healthcare and medical supplies to over half a million of the most vulnerable Yemenis. In 2018, our work reached 168,000 people, not only with emergency food, shelter and medical care, but also by providing the most vulnerable people with protection from harm and education.

One donation will help to provide a sustainable solution to a desperate water scarcity in the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. Donate the best of charities in this holy month and multiply your blessings.