Winter Survival Kit


Winter Survival Kit
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Human Appeal has been providing winter emergency relief for over 27 years, helping to provide food, warm clothing, bedding, heating and shelter to the world’s most vulnerable communities during the winter season.

Our Winter Survival Kits contain nourishing food items, including 5kg of sugar, 5kg of rice, 1.8 liters of oil, milk, 400g cheese, 300g of jam, 800g of Halawa, 400g of Tahini, 1kg of lentils, 1kg of chickpeas, 1kg of Bulgar, 5 bags of spaghetti, 400g of tomato sauce, 500g of Vermicelli, 2kg of beans, 700g of salt, a box of tuna, 850g of Mortadella, 200g of tea and 40 litres of essential heating oil. All this provides provides a family with everything they need to stay nourished and warm during the harsh winter months.

We are providing our Winter Survival Kits to extremely vulnerable refugee families in Lebanon, particularly widows, the elderly, people with disabilities and those without work.

Syrian refugees living in Lebanon are more vulnerable than ever. More than half are living in extreme poverty and over three quarters are living below the poverty line on less than US$4 a day.

This is leaving refugees with dwindling resources and unable to meet the most basic needs of their families, with nine out of every 10 refugees in debt.

Last year, because of you, we were able to provide warmth and comfort to over 2,500 vulnerable, displaced and refugee families.

Refugee families depend upon our winter emergency response. Our Winter Survival Kits cost just £165 and will provide a family of between five to seven with nourishing food, which lasts one whole month.

Please be a lifeline and help refugee families in Lebanon - donate to our 2018 Winter Appeal today.

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