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Family Food Parcel (one share)
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Feed a fasting person this Ramadan

The devastating effect of the war in Syria has battered the food production system, leaving a third of Syrians without a secure source of food.

Over one million Rohingya refugees escaped brutal violence and persecution, and the majority have fled to Bangladesh, where 40% of the population already does not have enough food.

Yemen is experiencing the worst humanitarian crisis in the world, where malnourishment threatens the lives of 2 million children, and has already killed 85,000.

No one should go hungry this Ramadan

One thing is clear; the need is incredible, and it can often feel overwhelming. But our Feed the Fasting project makes it easy to make a difference this Ramadan.

When you donate just £10, you can help one person to thrive this Ramadan, by providing them with a food parcel packed with essential and nutritious food.

Those who spend their wealth (in Allah's Cause) by night and day, in secret and in public, they shall have their reward with their Lord. On them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve. (2:274)

Each parcel is tailored to the local country and dietary needs. Each pack contains several staples such as sugar, rice, and flour, as well as local preferences, such as chickpeas, lentils, tea, milk powder or pasta.

One donation of £10 can make a big difference to a hungry person

Last year, you provided nutritious food parcels to 63,000 people in 13 countries, providing them with iftar for the entire month.

This year, we’re focusing on eight countries that desperately need your help. One donation of £10 can make a difference to a hungry person in Bangladesh, Lebanon, Iraq, Pakistan, Palestine, Somalia, Syria or Yemen.

Many are already vulnerable communities that are hosting people who have fled violence; others are witnessing a high number of returnees, and more, still, are struggling communities experiencing poverty, conflict and food insecurity.

To a hungry family struggling to find food for iftar, one donation – your donation – can be a lifeline.