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Bed Every Night £30
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This year, the Human Appeal Winter Emergency Appeal will include supporting Bed Every Night Project. This campaign is unique because it is a cross-sector partnership approach from the whole of Greater Manchester.

Sadly, homelessness in the UK has risen for the seventh year running. So, this year, we will be supporting the homeless in Manchester starting from November through to March 2019.

Homelessness in winter can be deadly. The colder it gets, the worse it gets. For those trapped in the bitter weather, a warm bed is not a warm bed. It is a lifeline.

Support Bed Every Night in Greater Manchester

Nobody should have to sleep rough on the streets of Greater Manchester.

This winter, we’re making sure they don’t.

£3 can pay for a hot evening meal in a shelter for someone who would otherwise have slept on the streets.

£10 can pay for bedding and toiletries for a homeless person.

£30 can pay for someone to have a hot evening meal, a safe bed for the night and someone to talk to so they can get off and stay off the streets this winter.

Over the last two years, we have supported nearly 52,000 vulnerable people in the UK. From providing financial, physical and emotional assistance to the victims of the Grenfell Tower and Manchester Arena disasters to providing warm clothes, shelter, blankets and meals to families and vulnerable individuals across Manchester, London and West Midlands.

Please be a lifeline and support our UK Winter Appeal today.

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Please register as a volunteer and help us provide a Bed Every Night this winter in Greater Manchester. Contact us at: