Gaza Hospital Water Units

Gaza Hospital Water Units
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The project aims at providing on site small water treatment units for four main clinics in the Gaza Strip. Currently, the clinics are getting the clean water needed for washing, operations, drinking and other uses from movable tankers. These tankers have very unstable and have inconsistent water quality and the source of the water is not clearly recognised. Each time, The Ministry of Health has to conduct water quality checks beforehand and unfortunately, in many cases, water quality tests fail.

£100 could provide clean water to 20 patients for one month.

The proposed water purification units intend on producing safe, clean and drinkable water as per the WHO standards where patients, staff members, visitors can safely drink the water.

  • Four clinics over Gaza Strip will benefit from the availability of clean and safe drinking water
  • The clinics will be able to better operate their equipment due to access to clean water. The project will save the cost of maintaining the hospital equipment
  • The project will save buying water through tankers
  • The project lifespan is expected to be almost 15 years and will serve local communities over Gaza