Honey Bee Farm


Honey Bee Farm
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"The believer is like a bee which eats that which is pure and wholesome and lays that which is pure and wholesome. When it lands on something, it doesn’t break or ruin it."


The healing properties of honey are well documented in the Quran, and scientific research also shows that honey has antibacterial qualities.

For just £350, you can provide an entire honey bee farm, alongside the training, equipment and tools needed for Pakistani farmers. This includes a plaque, where you can add your name or the name of a loved one within the farm.

Human Appeal have already helped hundreds of male and female honey bee farmers in Pakistan, improving the livelihoods of many. Our honey bee projects provide Pakistani farmers with the income they need to support their families, plus a healthy source of nutrition and medicine.

Your donation will transform the lives of a family in need and bring you an abundance of spiritual rewards and blessings.